Safety in and out of work builds a positive foundation for any business. Being the one to promote the need to put safety first, in a nutshell, shows you care.

By adding products that promote safety, you’ll help to spread the message by providing clients and customers with the right tools to make active steps to encouraging safety in and out of the office. Promotional products that focus on safety are not only a reminder of the importance of safety but are also a reminder of you, building positive, trustworthy impressions for your brand.

Safety essentials can make the perfect giveaway, a great gift for clients engaging in a new project, or for those who are coming to visit you. By providing the essentials, you’re not only indicating you have an eye for all things health and safety, but you’re also demonstrating innovation.

This doesn’t stop at promoting safety between yourself and clients; ensuring the whole team are putting safety first on any site will encourage your team to take matters seriously while overall, representing your company as a team who work together with care and compassion.

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Safety is paramount to any company. With our range of hi-viz garments, all of your safety worries will disappear. Whether you need to operate day or night, winter or summer – this range covers it all.

Outside of work, this range of apparel and accessories make great giveaways that can encourage clients to add a little environmental practice to their team. Almost all of these can be used for a cycle to work scheme or an after work running club that boasts healthy and environmentally friendly activities within the team.

Hi-Viz Options

Polar fleece beanie




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Escape Tool

A good promotional product is practical in more than ways than one, and this product ticks so many boxes we can’t quite believe it.

We’re always looking for chargers and more often than not, needing to charge our phones while on the go.

What if that time you need to charge your phone when you’ve had an accident?

This doesn’t just charge your phone, when unplugged it could save a life. With a knife built in and weighty material, it can cut through a seat belt and break a window. Products don’t come more multi-functional than this.

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Living in a country full of adventure, you never know when you will find yourself in a dangerous situation.

With this loud whistle, others will be able to find you too.

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Vehicle Safety Tool

Built for breakdowns, this multi-functional tool will get you out of any situation in record time, allowing you to get to safety while back up comes.

The built-in light has a bright beam that does not drastically affect the battery power and the device can stick itself to the car to draw attention – in addition to being able to break windows and cut the seat belt! Every eventuality is covered in a compact, and still reasonably lightweight, fashion.

Another safety tool is the Odin Safety Torch – we all like options!

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Shoe Clip

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle can often seem like your suggesting the impossible. With full-time jobs and little time for the essentials, workers are left wondering “when do I have time?”

This smart little gadget inspires a solution. Clients, customers, and staff will have the freedom to run at any time and know they are safe.