Christmas is a special occasion in your marketing calendar. To make a good impression and get those lasting impressions, everything needs to be in place to set yourself up for a prosperous year to come.

To do that, taking some time to think about what to give your customers and clients is essential. Christmas is all about making memories with your friends and family and enjoying your time together; for companies, it’s all about thanking customers and clients for their loyalty, and gaining impressions while doing so.

Start early: start now!

Unique gifts that make customers and clients believe you have thought long and hard about what to put under the tree comes from great planning. By starting early, you can work with our team at AMPM to design and perfect your product to impress the receiver.

The wow-factor is much more than a good looking gift, it comes from every aspect of the product and that includes what it’s wrapped in.

Great packaging demonstrates your attention to detail that transcends through every aspect of your company. Yes, you want to say thanks, as that is what Christmas is really about, showing gratitude. However, with promotional gifts that will benefit your company way beyond the 25th, opting for an innovational product that is functional year round, will guarantee those extra impressions that will take you into the new year. This brings us back to the number 1 rule of promotional products: it has to be functional.

To inspire some ideas, we’ve highlighted our Christmas best that captures the perfect combination of a great impression, great image and finite attention to detail, that will make your promotional efforts a success.


Hip Flask

Perfect for our debossing printing technique, a hip flask adds a personal touch to your promotional efforts. Great to take out in the holiday season, hip flasks always grab the attention of friends and family.

This makes the perfect gift for your staff. Adding personal value to your gratitude, this really is a timeless classic.

POMA 510x720

Master Grill Music Apron

Comical gifts are a great alternative that set you apart from the crowd and establish a unique aspect of innovation as a prominent part of your marketing approach.

This music apron ticks all of those boxes, with a bottle holder, speakers, pockets and a bottle opener, this is the most functional apron on the market. A great find that will be used for all parties during the festive period and beyond.

Tavolo Table Assembly

Tavolo Table

Another on market to impress with innovation, this table not only serves as a practical addition to a barbeque party but will also hold your glass for you while you do your thing.

Attracting attention to your promotional effort, impressing with innovation and offering many choices for branding techniques, this one will be used throughout the year; gaining those all-important impressions with style and grace.

These products tick all of the boxes when it comes to looking for something truly unique to gift to your clients, customers and staff during the festive period. Useful and stylish, neatly packaged and innovative, high-quality and on-trend, these products will set you up for success in the new year.