With the end of the year in sight, now is the perfect time to reflect on your business achievements and what comes next for you and your company.

Setting goals for 2019 and planning how you can achieve them is a great way to measure and define your success; allowing a little room to celebrate those achievements and to encourage more in the future.

So, as you hang up your new calendar, begin preparing your celebrations, and make resolutions; start thinking about achievable resolutions for your company in 2019 with four simple steps.


Step 1: Why?


The strategy behind your advertising campaign must be in line with your target audience and give a voice to your product or service.

When it comes to setting goals, a great way to start is to have fine details of every part of your plan, as you are going to need to deconstruct it. Doing this will help you to see what was successful, what was not, and what is going to be successful in the future. This way, you can keep what you need, and lose what you don’t.

It’s essential is to know how to measure your successes, and to know if what you are measuring in quantifiable before it’s implemented. Knowing how to measure your success will help you to set achievable goals and make it clear when they have been made.


Step 2: What?


Start your year by reviewing your old marketing plan, taking what you have and learning from your mistakes. This is one of the most satisfying things you can do as it establishes the gratifying fact that you already have all the tools you need from the year, or perhaps years past. Remember, you can learn a lot in 365 days.

With all of this, we can determine new goals and then, implementing beings. Get a little creative yet make sure nothing is missed: plan month-by-month.

Create reasonable timeframes that address the high times and the low times of business life, and how these can be managed effectively. Here, we’re filling in all the gaps, so no time is wasted because “it’s quiet”.


Step 3: Who?


Now we’ve got everything on paper, it’s time to get the team to do the job. Along with reflections of the business, it’s important to think about how the team handled the tasks in the past year, how things could be improved, and who excelled at what.

Everyone deserves to be rewarded for their achievements, so do it!

Make a note of who has shown initiative and skill in each department and allocate tasks and projects from there. Thinking about this thoroughly could surprise both you and your team, and boost morale for the challenges that will be faced in the new year.


Step 4: This isn’t the end.


A thorough analysis is not a once a year thing, it requires attention and tweaking on a regular basis. This is not a burden but a great opportunity to remove yourself from being stuck in the middle, and gain a new perspective that is productive and always aiming for success.

This is a new year and an organised, successful you.