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5 Products That Guarantee Impressions

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When selecting your promotional product, a critical question you need to be asking when it comes to your choice is; what kind of statement will it make?

Your promotional product must be associated with the good or service that you wish to sell to your customers as they will be the ones receiving your promotional product. Think of promotional products that have a history of making the right kind of impression that will lead to conversions. Alternatively, look up the latest trends that will attract the right attention.

Good promotional products are innovative, useful and attractive, encouraging customers to use them time and time again.

With that in mind, we’re going to break down the products that have the highest number of impressions in their lifetime, leading to that all-time goal – conversions.

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T-shirts are more than a desire, they are a necessity – whether it’s work or the gym – if it looks good, you’re going to use it.

With that in mind, think of all the impressions you can gain by being on a t-shirt. Apparel will always be at the top of the list when it comes to promotional product choices, with the t-shirt making an average of 2200 impressions in its lifetime.



Similar to a t-shirt; jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts rank higher because of their utility. Whether you are out for a walk in the hills or shopping on the high street, people will notice your branding efforts as customers walk it down the high street for you.



An average of 80% of people that own promotional products keep them because of their utility – a cap is without exception. Come rain or shine, having a cap in your promotional product range will always attract and encourage customers to re-use your products.

It doesn’t stop at utility Caps are not hidden behind closed doors, their out in the open at all times, so they need to look attractive. A good looking product not only gives your customer confidence in wearing your product but attracts more impressions too. So much so, that a cap averages around 3000 impressions during its lifespan.



Pens are the easiest and most successful promotional product out there, as we are always in need of one, no matter how hard technology tries to overpower it.

Pens are successful as they are one of the most well-travelled products out there, we keep pens in the car, at the office, in the house and in our bags. We also hand out those pens to those in need, who irritatingly (but not for you) forget to return them, ranking up those impressions to around 3100.



Bags create twice the amount of impressions compared to the popular promotional pen because they are unavoidable.

Similar to a cap or a t-shirt, your brand is constantly there. Think of it like the latest trend, you start to notice the brand more and more often as it grows in popularity, even when you don’t know the name of the company, it’s recognisable. This is why bags are at the top of the leader board for impressions and make a significant difference to your ROI.


What can we learn from this?

It’s not just about having the latest trends, you will see much greater ROI from investing in products that are used every day which can make your brand instantly recognisable. When thinking about promotional products you need to plan around what your customers use the most and what they will want to take with them all the time.



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