The most effective way of getting your brand ideas out into the world is through trade shows.

With everyone coming under one roof for the same reason, it presents the perfect opportunity to make the right connections that will help your business to grow in the coming year. To benefit from this fantastic opportunity, you need to attract people to visit your booth to get the conversation started, but how do you go about doing that?

To make the most of your trade show experience and get people talking about, and engaging with your business, there is no rule set in stone that you must have a giveaway. However, if you have read our article on the effectiveness of promotional products, you will know that it is a successful means of making that an impression.

Some things to consider:


Select something that is feasible and potentially scalable in the future.

Promotional products are not just for trade shows, they are useful in all sorts of occasions, selecting a product that is suitable for multiple will save you time in the future – something we all aspire to achieve.

How many people will be there?

The only thing worse than not having something engaging is running out of your product. Running out shows disorganisation, and highlights that you may be unprepared in other departments. It’s best to get an idea of how many people will be there early on to save yourself from embarrassment on the day.

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The End Goal

Are you looking to find something in particular this trade show? Is there someone that you know will be there this time around?

Trade shows don’t just mean staying in your booth, get out there and get networking with others – that’s what it’s all about!

Why not get some special gifts for the partners you want to really establish relationships with? Having a small package to gift to potential leads will make you stand out from the crowd when collecting information and making contact after the trade show.

When selecting gifts think of multiple options – we all love options! And trade shows are no exception.

Getting People To Stay At Your Booth

The longer people stay at your booth, the more chance you’ll have of making a lasting impression in the days after the trade show and to make the experience at your booth one to remember takes time and effort.

What Is The Key Feature Of Your Booth?

The way you arrange your booth is crucial to people retention. Telling the story of your company or having a large item that leads to a smaller product are both strategic, effective ways rules of composition that as effective off the page as they are on it.

Including demonstrations, a walk through and props will facilitate a conversation that is not exclusive to one person but will attract more customers at the same time. Then, you hand out your giveaway as a token of your fantastic presentation!

How Do I Stop It From Going In The Bin?

Enter quality! If you don’t invest in good quality promotional products that are useful, functional and innovative, you’ll not only be forgotten about but you’re likely to go in the bin.

Bank that ROI by seeking out innovational, good quality gifts that will make you stand out from the crowd. An effective promotional product makes you the stand out company that knows what’s hot and what’s not in the marketing world, and how to use it to your advantage.

The Key to Success

Not going in the bin for all the right reasons.

The key to success in a trade show is to combine all of these to make a lasting impression through good conversation, knowledge of your product, and knowing what’s out there and how it can benefit you.

By selecting the right product that showcases the knowledge and talent you have as a company through interactive and useful products, you’ll bank that ROI in the near future.