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Brand Awareness With Promotional T-Shirts

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Freebies are always a welcome treat that anyone will enjoy. After all, anything that does not require money or effort is always a good thing.

In the age of fast-paced lifestyles, the saying “nothing comes for free” has been widely accepted. That is why anything that is offered for free will definitely perk up anyone’s mood. Many companies have, in fact, acknowledged the worthiness of providing freebies. You can find it almost anywhere from free alcohol tasting to free taste of the newest cold cuts brand.

The consumer demand for free items has never really decreased. For example, millions of new websites across the internet create ebooks and handouts to be given for free for those who sign up to their mailing list. This strategy has continued to be an effective way to invite people to give their information and enjoy their free items in exchange.

No Expectations

A group of friends out for lunch at their favourite restaurant were given free promotional desserts. According to the café chef, they are considering this item on the menu and they would like to hear feedback from the customers.

Two things could happen.

  • They try the dessert and enjoy it. They tell the owner that each time they visit for lunch they will surely be ordering that dessert. Over time, the dessert did become a bestselling item. A win-win.
  • They try the dessert but didn’t like the taste, however, it’s not a problem as they got it for free and the restaurant’s management got crucial feedback. Still a win-win.

This story details the simple but proven way of how free items can deliver a win-win solution for both you and your customers. The best thing is, there are no expectations – as consumers who receive free items did not spend any money or time getting the freebie.

Free T-Shirts

One of the most effective giveaways is free t-shirts. Promotional T-shirts with specific designs has always been one of the most popular marketing strategies in history. In fact, big or small companies have adopted this tactic as a good way to gain interest from potential customers.

According to research, most people have at least one promotional t-shirt in their wardrobe. That is because many companies understand the beauty of long term brand awareness.

Promotion 24/7

Many businesses search for a marketing strategy that will keep brand awareness for even a short time. For example, some newspaper can be recycled, billboards can stay for a month or two, or social media promotions can run for 3 months. However, the value of using custom t-shirts as a promotional item is that it can last for a long time. People may wear it while doing errands, taking care of their garden, or walking the dog – this exposes your brand to dozens of other people who will be able to see the t-shirt.

Economical and Effective

One of the most successful stories of how effective T-shirt printing is was from Sujan Patel of Single Grain. He was able to bring about more than $500K in revenue by giving away free t-shirts. To make his T-shirt campaign a success, he asked friends to wear their free T-shirts at the job. Some of these friend’s work in big companies such as Google, Apple, HP, and Wells Fargo. Needless to say, his brand gained traction and led to a very good return of investment for Patel.

The beauty of promotional T-shirts is that you can tailor it according to your brand. For example, if you are selling pet food products, you can create t-shirts and distribute it in a dog show. This is a great way to get advertising exposure to people who may likely be interested in what you have to offer.

Using promotional T-shirts to improve brand awareness has always been effective for many businesses. It is a good way to build brand reputation and increase exposure for whatever you are offering.



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