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How to Build Good Connection with Your Clients

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To establish a positive brand image for your business, you need to establish and nurture relationships with your clients. And with name badges, you make your clients know you well on a personal level by calling you by your name. With the different badges available in the market, what kinds will stand out among others? Here are some great styles of badges you can consider for your company:


  1. Lapel Badges

Talking about being creative, LAPEL BADGES comes in artistic designs that can be printed in spot colours or full colour. As we know, colours are good tools to promote a brand. With this badge, standing out from the crowd will never be a difficult task for you.

For more creativity, this badge comes in custom shapes and sizes with a clutch pin on the back. If you are thinking of how long this badge will last in changing seasons, no worries because branding is protected by a glossy, hard resin finish.







  1. Button Badge Round – 90MM

We know how round button badges performed well as a promotional tool. If you are still hooked with the selling power of round button badges, this badge comes in a 90MM size that is big enough to be noticed by clients even at a distance.








  1. Button Badge Oval – 65 x 45mm

If you are still after circular badges, and yet, you do not want to settle with that traditional round badges, BUTTON BDGE OVAL is the right choice for you. With less edges, print can be noticed easily, so is your brand that is printed on the badge!








  1. Ezy Badge

Being dynamic is also important for businesses. And with being dynamic means you are open to more opportunities for business growth. Why not show how dynamic your company is with this unique double-sided adhesive EZY BADGE incorporated into an A4 information sheet which can be printed on any laser printer or copier? After printing, simply peel and fold the badge then clip it onto a lanyard. Relevant information on the sheet can be retained by the user for reference. This is ideal for conferences, events, trade shows, site visitors, seminars, meetings, health and safety etc. To complete its great look, colorful lanyards are also available for this badge!



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