When it comes to choosing the right promotional product, the number of options out there can get in the way of successfully achieving what everyone wants; a successful marketing campaign.

You’re not alone, the pressure of selecting the product that effectively speaks for your branding image is difficult. There is a way out of this rut, even when it seems like there’s no window of opportunity. With the exciting benefits of having a promotional product range, it’s tempting to jump in there and take everything available. However, similar to working out you’re 4 P’s of Marketing, this is not the most effective way of being successful in your promotional efforts.

“But everyone says pens are effective”, I hear you say. Yes, but does it speak for who you are as a company?

Perhaps not.

Before you get your card out, consider these 4 questions;

Who is the promotional gift for?

Whether you are targeting a customer or client, remembering exactly who your promotional gift is for will narrow down your effective options. Ask yourself some questions, similar to deciding whether or not you should purchase something for yourself.

Identifying your target audience, what they do and when they will come into interaction with a promotional product is the top priority when it comes to being successful in your marketing efforts.

Is it useful?

Now we have your target audience, we can focus on the promotional product. The most successful promotional products are useful when selecting a promotional product, it’s important to think about when and where they will use this product. In addition to this, deciding whether or not that product will aid in the decision to use your product or service.

Let take Coca-Cola; with the return of the old-fashioned glass bottled beverage, they released a line of bottle openers which were in the same shape as the revived bottled product. The promotional product was not only a reminder of the classic being brought back into the spotlight but also opened the bottle for the bottle for the consumer – simple but effective.

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Which one is right for you?

To make the perfect promotional product, we need something that you could give as a reward or hand out for free without breaking the bank. Setting a budget that is affordable but so cheap that it will damage your brand image will guarantee that you’re putting your best foot forward.

Now you have your budget, we can select a product that is high quality, yet still keeping all of the former factors in mind.

A high-quality product speaks volumes for your brand as a whole, without being outrageous. To select a high-quality product, opt for better materials than the standard expected; making your client or customer feel like they are being truly rewarded for their investment while being reminded that you care about quality.

Does the product show off your company?

How you brand your promotional product is the final piece of the puzzle. If you have a great product that your customers will use regularly but no name or contact information, when the time comes, they won’t know where to find you or who you are.

Simply adding your company name will do the trick. However, including a phone number or web address are simple, useful additions will make that conversion seem natural.