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Custom Shopping Bags For Marketing Your Brand

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The ban on single-use plastic bags comes into effect in New Zealand early next year and aims to remove the 800,000,000 (yes – that is eight hundred million) plastic bags that are used annually. But, the drive towards sustainable packaging solutions is also coming from local businesses who are not waiting for Government to force the issue. Some companies are already launching innovative sustainable packaging solutions into the market. Additionally, it has not only created an opportunity to save the environment but also for marketers to encourage investment in custom shopping bags.

Choking the Environment

After the introduction of plastic bags in the market, it was hailed as one of the best inventions. It brought about so much convenience. Plastic shopping bags allow you to transport your goods easily and encourages consumers to buy more. However, people soon realised the hazards that plastic bags bring. Scientists discovered that plastics take anywhere from 10 to 1000 years to decompose. It can easily fill landfills and cause pollution in the air. In a report released by Washington Post, it is said that by 2050, you may find more plastic waste in the water than fish.

Custom Shopping Bags to the Rescue

With the upcoming law change for single-use plastic bags, it is a wonderful opportunity to utilise the use of eco-friendly shopping bags. They come in different forms, shapes, and sizes mostly made of washable materials like canvas. There are plenty of excellent reasons why custom shopping bags are a better solution not only for the general public but also for those who are looking for a marketing opportunity.

Cost Less

The amount that needs to be invested in recycling plastic bags is relatively higher than just using customised shopping bags. Instead of using plastic bags that are discarded in landfills, custom shopping bags can be used in different ways from regular grocery shopping, shopping in flea markets, or other general purpose buying.

Moreover, instead of paying extra for reusable plastic bags offered for sale, you can save a lot when using custom shopping totes.

Even Better Than Paper Bags

In the United States, it is estimated that companies chop down 14 million trees every year to make paper bags. This can cause major environmental consequences including erosion. Every time we unthinkingly grab a few bags at the checkout stand, we contribute to that damage. The answer to “Paper or plastic?” should actually be “Neither … I brought my own.”

Perfect Opportunity For Marketers

Reusable custom shopping bags will be a good opportunity for marketers to create brand awareness. Since these shopping bags will be used again and again in areas where people will most likely have the opportunity to see your brand.

Custom shopping bags offer high visibility branding at a low cost and for a long time. Compared to billboards and other commercial spaces, shopping bags can be used hundreds or even thousands of times.



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