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Every business is a brand, and every brand needs to get noticed. Of course, what good is a brand if people are not aware it exists? Now, we know what you are thinking, promotion can cost an exorbitant amount. While this is true, there are cheaper yet effective ways to get people to know your brand. One of these alternatives is through the use of promotional items. Promotional items are items that bare your brand’s logo, you distribute these items usually for free at events, kiosks or meetings. What type of item you choose is entirely up to you, but for promo items sometimes simple items do take the cake. The following are a few items that though simple, are uncommon and fancy in their own right.


Beetle Clip

Those who love hitting the outdoors or are mostly behind the wheels will surely appreciate this neat piece of accessory. A beetle shaped holder for sunglasses and driving glasses. It can be attached easily to car visors and belts. Once attached, it locks your glasses in place and prevents them from falling. When needed, just press the upper button to release the lock and retrieve your glasses. Perfect for people with active and dynamic lifestyle.







Safety Whistle

Whistles signify authority, they also signify violation. But whistles are also used for emergency purposes to notify authorities of one’s position. Or they can be a toy for when one is bored. These safety whistles come with key rings so they can be attached to bags or keys and can be accessed with ease.  They have a somewhat “relaxed” design that does not look too alarming.






Bookmark Magnifier

Many people love to read, while others simply must read. While books may too expensive to give away as promotional items, bookmarks are a great option. But what if you can twitch a bookmark to give it an extra purpose? This bookmark not only helps you remember the page, it also helps you read materials whose text is two sizes too small. It is also designed with measuring lines on the side, allowing it to triple as a ruler.





Silicone Wrist Bands

And there are the ever-popular wristbands! Though not exactly new or unique, these wristbands are effective promotional tools. They are used by charities, NGOs and even politicians to raise awareness and spread the word about their campaign. People are fond of wearing them, and they are affordable, simple, and very noticeable.




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