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Good Relievers of Everyday Stress

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As fulfilling as work and life can be, nobody can escape the occasional stress brought on by different factors at home and in your job. Treating yourself to a simple yet relaxing practice can benefit your productivity in the workplace. Here are some personalised ways that you can do to de-stress in your everyday lives:


1.Activate Your Lifestyle

exercise bandExercise is extremely important for destressing and gives you more endurance in your everyday activities. Exercise also helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases. One of the functional exercises that can be done is by using this fully-functional Exercise Band that is manufactured from strong stretchable latex with soft EVA foam handles. This is ideal for upper body resistance exercise at home or work and great for travelling too!












2. Relax with Music Therapy

genisys bluetooth speakerMusic has a serious impact on a person’s brain activity — whether that’s how it engages different parts of the brain, how humans memorise tunes and lyrics or how different types of melodies and rhythms can elicit different emotional responses, and can event treat anxiety. Music has a natural healing power. To fully experience the healing power of music, you will need a well-sounding speaker to achieve that. Genisys Bluetooth Speaker is a new generation Bluetooth speaker that produces crystal clear sound reproduction and really packs a punch for its size. It features a mini sub-woofer to enhance base reproduction and is compatible with all mobile devices that support Bluetooth.






3. Enjoy Leisure Activities

mini rugby ballLeisure can provide a way to relax and recover after working. This helps to avoid fatigue and burnout, which can often hurt both happiness and productivity. Being productive doesn’t mean that you have to work 24/7. You also need to balance work and relaxation. And doing leisure activities helps us to take some time off from all the responsibilities that we have. Speaking of which, playing sports is also a good way to spend your leisure time.  With this Mini Rugby Ball, you’ll surely enjoy your short break from stress as you can also play and bond with your family and friends. This can be inflated anytime, anywhere!




4. Take Some “Me Time” to the Spa Even at Home

eye maskTo cultivate that sense of relaxation, treat yourself to a pampering spa-like treatment even at home. Create a calm environment by wearing this Eye Mask as you lie down on your bed with the aroma of your favourite essential oil while listening to the tune of your favourite mellow music.



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