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Marvel: From the Classic to the Outrageous

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Having kicked off their mainstream film series in 2008 with Iron Man, Marvel’s branding success cannot be ignored.

Marvel has changed the face of action films, challenging the norms of Hollywood, turning many heads over their 10-year success.

The most recent Marvel film, Infinity War, got Marvel’s marketing team on the front page of promotional product magazines with their strange combination of marketing tactics.

For a more classic approach to marketing, there was the figurine, the ‘Iron Spider’ that revealed a snippet of what was to come in Infinity War, showing a combination of Iron Man’s technology and the classic Spiderman image. The announcement of the collectable Iron Spider figurine (that will be released in 2019) sent Marvel fans wild.

Promotional Posters With A Twist

Along with the figurine, Marvel’s team in Australia shocked everyone with their rebellious approach to posters.

Posters are the more traditional approach to advertising; they are the origin of marketing. Back in the days when we didn’t have technology to distract us from everyday life, bold silkscreen prints would stop us in our tracks, advertising events and new music releases.

Marvel brought the original purpose of the poster back, tearing us away from our phones. However, there was a big twist: Marvel forced their customers to be active and rebellious by ripping posters down.

Surely if you are wanting to advertise, you wouldn’t want your customers to be running around tearing down your advertisement?

Marvel had something different in mind.

The posters had free tickets to the first screening of Infinity War, among other prizes, hidden behind them. To access the promotional prize you had to tear down the poster, should you find the poster that clearly stated, ‘Do you dare to remove Thanos?’ in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

The act was not overly destructive; a successful winner on Reddit commented that the poster was easier to tear down than others. Once you had collected your prize, you could stick the poster back in place.

While we don’t condone encouraging vandalism, getting your customers to engage in your brand has never been more difficult in the ever-distracting world we live in. So we have to applaud Marvels marketing innovation.

The guerrilla act of getting Marvel fans out on the streets to interact with the daring act was wild. It probably had a lot of pedestrians perplexed too. However, it definitely got our attention.

What’s next for Marvel’s marketing efforts?

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