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Options Everywhere: How to Stand Out in Tradeshows

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When there are so many options already on offer in every corner of an expo, standing out from the crowd and making a buzz is quite a challenge for businesses. Making use of all available resources is a big factor that could make you win people’s attention. Coming up with your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), tapping your creative side and resourcefulness is the first step you can take to get through this big challenge! Here are some tips on how to be the CHOICE from the many options out there:


  1. COMFORT: Giving convenience to prospective clients

While there are many choices out there, sometimes choosing the RIGHT ONE is a tiring process for clients in the expo.  Despite the difficult process of finding the perfect match to their needs, give them the comfort by providing convenience and comfort in the process. Might as well offer them a FAN FLYER that they can use as a fan or a flying disc. It has a high tensile internal wire frame and is supplied flat ready for use anywhere!







  1. ENTERTAINMENT: Be enticing to the eyes

Everybody has our own version of a busy life, especially on weekdays. Thus, maximising the fun brought by the entertainment sector is promising for businesses. While there are many visuals in the expo in all forms, try using another form of visual such as a mini cinema. Inside it, your prospective clients can use a fully-functional PROMOTIONAL BINOCULARS that fold flat for easy distribution. Surely, this will not only entertain prospective clients but also promote your brand and business




  1. FUN GAMES: Engage your prospects to a fun game

Regardless of age, we all get excited in solving a puzzle. A PUZZLE with sliding tiles where users can reassemble the logo printed on the tiles is surely a thing. Make them solve the puzzle within a given period and give them rewards!









  1. REWARD SYSTEM: Give them freebies

After a few hours of walking through passageways in expos, people would only want to sit down, relax, and regain their lost energy. At this point, your prospective clients are already looking for something that would make them feel better. Freebies are the main drawcard for expo attendees and these would definitely make them feel good. If you want to get noticed, be generous by giving away cool and unique freebies – with your name is on it. For a freebie, a FLASH CARD flash light like the size of a credit card with a built-in button cell battery to run the LED is definitely a must-have. This is useful as a flash light as it promises to function for approximately 100 hours.



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