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RFID Wristbands: The Future of Events Has Arrived

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The diversity of promotional wristbands isn’t particularly new. However, the addition of a little tech that most recently appeared at the Ryder Cup golf tournament and San Diego Comic-Con has marked the ever-increasing rise to fame of the RFID wristbands. They’re definitely here to stay.

The acronym RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. They have a chip or ‘tag’ that tracks data that is logged automatically into a synchronised system to document activity.

Having previously been used for tagging animals in military operations, the wristbands have been adapted to track money and social activities during events. Similar to what we have seen with ‘Tap and Pay’ or Fitbit.

This has become increasingly popular at music festivals; you can pay for drinks, food and even upload photos to social media.

Cutting Time and Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to event planning, these little accessories have proven to be quite useful. Using the wristbands assist with managing the flow of people during the event as you are able to count how many people are there. They can reduce transaction times as you don’t need to count change or your float at the end of the day; all transactions are logged using the wristbands.

The customer will enjoy the benefits just as much as your staff and management, as there will be fewer queues and no need to dig around for a wallet.

In addition to making everyone’s lives much easier, the wristbands have provided an ecological solution at the right time; banning the use of paper. The days of event tickets, be it festival or private marketing event, are over.


How RFID Wristbands Can Benefit You

Looking into RFID wristbands could be a great final marketing push for your event, close the gap between customers claiming attendance and actually turning up on the day.

By choosing to post the wristband you not only show you are prepared, but that you’re pretty cool for sending wearable free tech. You’re also demonstrating consciousness of the environment by not mass-producing paper that will be binned immediately after use.

RFID wristbands come in all sorts of materials and colours; they can be decorated specifically to match your brand image.

When targeting Millenials, prioritising the style of your wristband will increase interest and attraction to your brand. This could get your brand out the door and onto the street.

Using RFID wristbands will make your customers proud to show off your brand and get people talking about you before and after your event.

Practicality and wearability go hand in hand.



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