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Selfies; Unexpectedly Boosting Apparel Sales

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Selfies have clogged the timelines of social media since 2013. With its escalation, despite most of us resenting their existence, the selfie has come to be part of everyday life.

Paris Hilton tried to claim the invention of the selfie in 2006, but the selfie goes back to 1839, taken by Robert Cornelius from Philadelphia. While it may have been forgotten until the 21st century, the selfie is now the most prominent form of documentation used today.

With the millennial-age dominating the market, promotional efforts are forced to keep up with the trend. It’s estimated that the average millennial will take over 25,000 selfies in their lifetime.

When travelling, most attractions are littered with tourists taking photos of themselves, however, it isn’t tourism that is benefiting from selfies, it’s the brands they are wearing.

The Millennial Influence

Millennials care about fashion; keeping on trend and following the latest must-haves is an essential part of every day living. This attitude is born with constant connectivity and the ability to create a digital version of your life that is aesthetically wonderful. The younger generation has a natural ability to have perfect curated Instagram accounts and know exactly how to get those likes.

The selfie became a marketing tool for small brands and influencers to get their brand out there, however, there has been an interesting turn in the market.

The selfie is no longer just a controlled means that marketers use to their advantages; it has become a tool to outsource marketing through the customers themselves.

Customers are photographing themselves with brands as means of showing individuality. Buying into an apparel brand is a way of showing the world what they have to show appreciation for a brand they admire and tell others about it. Gaining acknowledgement through likes and shares.

What does this mean for the promotional product industry?

Good, good news! Apparel is no longer just on the streets; it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and all the other social media outlets that crop up out of the woodwork worldwide.

The word #fashion alone has over 519 million hashtags on Instagram, with Nike reaching 59.5 million and the classic, Chanel reaching 50.5 million. This is without considering additions such as #justdoit which has over 14 million to date as an enigmatic brand in itself.

Encouraging customers to photograph themselves wearing your apparel will not only gain traction from their followers but successfully reaches out to influencers and curious wanderers of the internet.

Social media is one of the main tools for shopping; potential customers are always on the lookout for new trends. They are on the hunt for your outreach. You’ve got to put your logo at the centre of that outreach.

Apparel Social Media Takeover

The leaders in apparel are all jumping on the bandwagon. Popular wardrobe names such as Zara are putting their logo at the forefront of their campaign, not to mention the interesting range of #selfie-based apparel that is currently on the market.

Brands across the world from small-scale online brands to international wardrobe names are realising that social media is designed to showcase their logo.

If you’re looking for something to show to clients, then your ever-travelling branding campaign that’s popping up on screens across the world is definitely somewhere to start.



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