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Shape and Colour: The Bread and Butter of Your Brand

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When it comes to designing your brand, shape and colour are the bread and butter of your branding image.

Thanks to Kandinsky’s theory, the use of colour will always be a point of interest when it comes to your business choices. In addition to this, the shape must compliment your choice in colour to make your intent clear; rooting from the Gestalt theory.

Reading up on these theories in detail might make you lose sight of what you thought was quite simple. However, there are some easy rules that you can take from these theories that are essential when planning out your brand logo.

Colour is Everything

The psychology of colour and how the business image is affected can be misconceived.

Your customer is greatly affected by their upbringing and culture; this alters the perception of colour and what it means to them. When looking into branding and thinking about your business focus, this research must be thoroughly thought out and equally considered.

You need to focus on the commonality of location and culture rather than specific emotions to see if there is a pattern, and draw conclusions there.

Subconscious Mind

Shapes affect your customer’s life-choices without notice. The Gestalt theory concludes that the relationship with shape reflects your relationship and interactions with objects and others every day.

When putting your brand out there, these are the relationships that you must have a positive impact on.

What Shapes Really Mean

Circles and ovals reflect unity, partnership and an association of the feminine, motherhood and nature.

Hard-ended shapes, such as triangles or rectangles give an understanding of stability, practicality and balance. Focusing on straight lines give an idea of professionalism, strength and efficiency.

Triangles have a lot of meaning through-out history, resulting in the duality of meaning with power, science, religion and law.

For masculine or forceful brands, you would look towards vertical lines. For peace and harmony; horizontal lines.

Whether you choose to leave the shape incomplete or allow the viewer to envisage the shape as a whole; the illusionary or complete shapes create an area of interest that allows space for thought.

Find Balance

Shape and colour create balance, forming a trust along with what pleases the eye that instantly results in a successful brand image that will long be remembered.

With these tools in hand, you can look into advertising success over the years and grasp an idea of what an image conveys and how this simple outline is applied to their branding image.



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