Promotional products for fundraisers sounds a little strange: paying to make money? That seems impractical. If you haven’t heard this from us yet, here it is again;

Promotional products generate investments.

By throwing in some goods, you’ll find that the donations are much higher with the influence of some good quality rewards for their generosity.

We know what your thinking; you’re raising awareness of the fundraiser, not looking to generate impressions.

Yes, this is true, but you should see it more as an act to generate revenue for the fundraiser, which you are, whilst building relations with your school by helping out. This is a quick and easy solution to boost those funds to renovate the school, go on a big school trip or revamp those uniforms.

Every effort helps the cause. Offering good quality products as a reward for a donation will encourage contributors to give a little more because it’s just that good. While passersby are gawking at your gorgeous products, you have ample opportunity to use the time to give your best speech, informing them a little more about the cause in hand.

Now the stage is set to get the donations in, let’s think about the products that will do the trick;

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Incredibly cost-effective and ticking the biggest box when it comes to promotional products, utility; totes bags are guaranteed success when it comes to getting extra pennies for the fundraiser. Why? Bags generate the most impressions and guarantee an extremely high ROI.

To help out with the fundraiser, tote bags can appear costly when printed with the right design, encouraging passersby to dig a little deeper.

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Reusable Cup

To make products attractive, stay on trend. By encouraging children and adults to cut down on plastic, you’re sending out a positive message for the school. The next generation is incredibly knowledgeable about the state of the environment and what we need to do to reduce the impacts, so this is a great one to encourage kids to get their parents to donate.

For adults, a reusable cup is perfect for those morning runs to the office or to the school.

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Have we told you how successful pens are? Pens are successful. By offering some options, such different colours or styles, the buyer will feel like the deal is in their hands. When choosing the style or material of the pen, it’s best to hit a little bit above average, yet still in the budget, for success.

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Digital Watch

A little higher on the market: a little deeper in the pocket. A digital watch strikes all of the notes in the promotional marketing symphony: tech-savvy, practical, stylish and easy to brand. Simple, but effective.

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Picnic Time Blanket

Inspire passersby to think of warm summer days, and make it come true. Similar to choosing a promotional product for your brand, fundraiser promotional will work best when they are on trend and in season.

Innovation speaks volumes to all those involved, this doesn’t just offer you an opportunity to give back to the community, but allows offers a point of contact for the school to reach out to you.

Inspiring the community to add a creative edge to their campaigns will make the possibilities seem endless. By investing a little time to help with fundraisers, you’ll encourage the community to go that little bit further.