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The Christmas Story…

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One Christmas Eve, in the still of the night, Santa came to AMPM Marketing and found some Sprite

Next to the sprite was a tomato sauce can, but Santa didn’t see it over his belly – Santa’s a pretty big man.

Santa stepped forward and his belly knocked down the Sauce, next thing you know it squirted out with some force!

The AMPM elves sat up in their beds, Could it really be Santa? They all shook their heads.

The smallest of them all was sent off to see, and sure enough there was Santa having a sauce spree.

Santa and the AMPM elves made good mates, and decided to lock in some saucy dates.

Santa thinks sauce is delicious, so let’s get Saucy this Christmas!

One sauce shop for all your design, printing, promotional and website needs.

Too many sauce puns? We say you can never have enough.

Every year Santa gets swamped with all the presents he has to get delivered for Christmas. This year AMPM have decided to give Santa  a hand with delivering all his presents to the busy businesses around New Zealand.

Hey Santa – put your feet up, eat some chups (with some sauce) and get that BBQ all warmed up. AMPM have got you sorted for gifts this year.



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