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The Classic Kiwi BBQ

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The Classic Kiwi BBQ


The Man buys the beers and forgets the meat and greens,

The Women saves the day, and grabs the beef and beans.

For the first time this Summer, the BBQ is fired up,

Stubbies of beer are crack open – who needs a cup?

Stoked with himself the Man is handed the tongs and prongs,

And he rocks BBQ attire – A NEW APRON… and a pair of thongs.

To cut a long story short, the sausages were busing sizzling,

Next thing you know they a burning and the kids are grizzling.

The Woman came to the rescue and took the burnt snarlers away,

And in no time all the Woman saved the day.


The BBQ was served, the beans and beef looking divine,

Shortly followed by the Woman pouring out the wine.


The Man was stoked with himself – his BBQ turned out great,

But the Woman knew if she weren’t there, the guests would have been out the gate.





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