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The Man Who Collected 15,700 Promotional Golf Balls

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At one point in your life, whether you were committed to it or not, your friends or parents encouraged you to collect something.

Most Millennia will remember that they collected Pokemon cards and football stickers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s because everyone else did. This was also the time that collecting groups became popular. All of a sudden it was cool to have a stamp collection. A sentence many thought they would never say.

Collecting clubs came around as not only is it nice to share your collection with others, but it had come to light that collecting and maintaining popular objects for a long time, could make you a pretty penny one day.

When it comes to your marketing campaign, these groups are pure gold. You can have direct contact with the market who will show off your brand with pride.

By adapting your product to suit particular collections; creating good quality, limited edition branded products and contacting the groups personally; in return, you’ll have a group of people who are dying to own your product.

Promotional products plant the seed. When it comes to collectables, you are planting many. As there is a common desire for your product; the missing piece in a collection.

Collectable Need to Attraction Attention

Your collectable products need to be relevant; offer a little intimacy or information, attract interest in your brand, and be good quality to warrant your collectors pride in owning the product.

Let’s take a look at Don Thompson, a 93-year-old who has collected over 15,000 golf balls.

The collection demonstrates outstanding dedication to the hobby, creating a matter of pride for each individual piece that promotional products should strive to achieve and be part of. Thompson logs every golf ball in a digitised system so he can keep on top of what he has and what he doesn’t. Each golf ball has its own story that is special to him. Some come from the same company, but show the slight changes to the branding over time, or document a particular campaign.

Thompson is a collector worth contacting to offer your branded golf ball. It’s an honour to feature in a collection as large as his; planting a seed in a legacy that will be admired for years to come.

Collectables Have The Power

Collectors such as this make you appreciate the power of promotional products. The simple act of printing your brand on the dimpled ball can bring so much joy and excitement to someone. When adding to their collection, you’re creating a memory they won’t forget.

The act of approaching collectors adds to the memories of that particular product; you were kind enough to think of them when making your product, they won’t forget that.

Thus, making a lasting impression and boosting your marketing campaign.

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