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Top 5 Corporate Christmas Gifts

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With Christmas around the corner, and the earlier you prepare, the less stress you’ll have come December.

We know that finding the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones is a trying task – this is without even considering what will put a smile on your customers face! Before you get the wine bags out the closet, stop and have a read.

Christmas gifts don’t have to be yet another bottle of wine that is instantly forgotten; a little thought, especially with clients, goes a long way.

We’ve compacted our Christmas promotional products into the top 5 to offer you the very best gift ideas to wow people with stylish, ultimately useful, products.

Innovation and style will your customers and clients into the festive spirit; charmed by time and effort put into creating the perfect gift for them, and thinking of your brand in the new year.

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Double Wine Carrier

Who knew bringing a bottle to the party could be turned into a fashion statement? This sleek wine carrier solves the ultimate problem when visiting family and friends during the festive period – how do I safely take wine to the party?

Perfect for the busy client with lots of parties to attend to, this product doesn’t stop at utility. By debossing your brand into the exterior, you’ll elevate the chic element of this product, with your brand at the very centre.

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Bobby Bluetooth Speaker

Music is much more than the background to a Christmas gathering, it sets the mood to create memorable moments. Facilitating these moments with make your name come to your customers’ mind instantly. With well-balanced sound and compact, unique style, this Bluetooth speaker is the perfect companion for the festive season.

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Bamboo Flight Paddle

This bamboo paddle adds a little style to any occasion! Add some fuel to your customers’ creativity by offering alternatives for presentation. Whether it’s for shots, desserts or tasters of beers; Christmas is all about sharing, serving up this little gift is a great way to become the talk of the party.

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Swiss Peak Multi-Tool

Another companion for your customers, but with a whole other multitude of tasks that, as a promotional product, are a great way to make your brand the first thing that comes to mind. Presented in a simple, yet sleek gift box, the Swiss Peak Multi-Tool Kit compacts all DIY needs into one. Your customer will never look for a tool again.

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Retro Cooler Box

Forget about old products being impractical, retro still has style and utility that, when combined, make the perfect promotional product. With a bottle opener and lockable carry handle, this cooler box has great insulation that beats those toasty summer days. This cooler box could be considered a poster for your branding innovations – the face the party that helps to get it going with its large printing surface area.



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