A lingering dark cloud in anyone’s life that consumes time, energy, concentration, and overall happiness is one thing, and one thing only, stress.

Tackling Stress: Help Each Other Out

Acknowledging you are stressed is difficult, under the shade of your dark cloud it is difficult to gain enough perspective to see that it is there. While this may be difficult, seeing the stress of others is often much more evident. To assist and encourage acceptance of stress as something which is part of business life in a proactive manner, offering a way of managing and dealing with stress is the most effective medicine.

Stress can cause physical symptoms that affect your health and can be the cause of more long-term harmful illnesses such as depression and anxiety, causing a toxic workplace and a struggle for success.

While it’s important to look after yourself and your workplace first and foremost, a great way to reach out, build partnerships and encourage a morally good way of working, is to offer options for stress relief to others. A reassuring reminder that, while we’re involved in the business world, we’re all still human.

A little and inoffensive means of doing this is to offer a product that promotes a positive and healthy lifestyle, we’ve come up with 5 that send out a calm and collected message.

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The Stress Ball

By repeatedly squeezing the ball you’ll find that any tension from stress is released tension. A stress ball can also benefit you and your workforce by relieving the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Gifting this to your staff or handing them out at tradeshows spread the word, acknowledging you and your company as a professional workforce.

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A Sleep Set

A common cause of stress is lack of sleep and in turn, the stress of not being able to sleep can increase stress. By providing the equipment to ensure a great night’s sleep, you can resolve this problem and encourage a healthy lifestyle, no matter where your client or team are.


Tea Infusion Bottle

Tea helps to calm the nerves, offering a warming hug on difficult days: there are a great variety of flavours and combinations that can ease tense moments with some valued time alone with a warm mug of tea.

Tea shouldn’t just be for home, help customers and clients to have a relaxing moment at any time of the day with an infusion bottle, offering an escape at any given time.

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Colouring Pencils

Art is one of the most effective forms of stress relief. While colouring may seem like child’s play, encouraging others to use breaks effectively presents an opportunity to switch off. A little time to colour will relax the mind, not only easing stress but increasing focus levels that are lost due to long periods of time in front of a screen and complex tasks.

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A Yoga Mat

Yoga is a developed method of creating a stronger sense of focus that is not just beneficial for your health but leaves you feeling more confident, stronger in your mind and capable of conquering anything. Providing staff and even clients with the tools to engage in this practice will create an all-around happier and more productive workplace.