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Trendy Calendars for Different Lifestyles

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Regardless of the industry, calendars are still considered powerful promotional tools. It may be a low-cost printed paper calendar or a digital one, still, calendars are helpful tools to help us organise our busy schedule. Calendars can be placed anywhere – on desks and walls, or at areas that can be easily noticed, calendars are good and helpful tools to promote a company’s name and logo – all-year round. For the on-going daily promotion of your brand consider the following calendars:


  1. Folding Perpetual Calendar

folding perpetual calendarThis aluminium desk calendar folds up for easy transport with movable month plate that serves for any month or year. This is definitely a cost-efficient calendar since you do not have to repeatedly buy each year. It doesn’t cost much space on your table as it only measures 115mm in width x 85mm in height. It can be personalised too since names can also be engraved on it.

For businesses, this can also be a great tool to promote your company because customers get to see your engraved brand name for 365 days!



  1. Leather-Look Calendar and Note Case

leather look calendarBusy business people that constantly need to attend to several meetings and other work-related gatherings, this is a great fit for your lifestyle. Aside from its lightweight material, it’s handy calendar is a real advantage. But if you are still looking for more good factors to be convinced about this product, this sophisticated leather-look case also contains a notepaper and an adhesive flag pad with three different coloured adhesive flags. You can easily stick notes on your notebook or elsewhere using its adhesive flags. When you talk about 3-in-1, this product has it!


  1. Deluxe Leather-Look Note Case

deluxe leather lookThis DELUXE LEATHER-LOOK NOTE CASE is simply the smaller version of the Leather-Look Calendar and Note Case.  Though it is smaller in size, its durability and quality are still on its best performance.


  1. Zoom 2-in-1 Tech Sleeve Journal Book

zoom 2in1 tech sleeve journal bookFor all technology-driven people who are always on the move, an organiser for you has already been made. For busy people, whose essentials must be kept in one place for easy carry, this product is a good choice for you. This features a zippered closure with removable sleeve that fits all iPads, a snap closure, and a wrist or trolley strap.

Talking about reliability, this journal has organisational features that include four business card pockets, two pens, stylus or USB slots, a gusseted document pocket and an iPhone or cell phone pocket. Its front cover also features a document pocket, a stylus or pen pocket, and has a Zoom 50-page removable spiral bound journal with important contacts page and a three-year calendar. As you can see, this product has got it all for you!






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