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WATER ON-THE-GO: Safeguarding Your Drinking Water Wherever You Go

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As much as we all love to stay outdoors, the sun is up and the heat’s getting us down. For safety measures, bringing a bottle of water is always advised. We all need water to live so the ability to store and keep water safe and clean is a constant. To be in the know with the right products to choose to keep your drinking water safe and clean, the following products must be on top of your list:


  1. Collapsible Bottle in 355ml and 830ml

As great things come in small packages, you’ll definitely enjoy carrying with you this BPA-free COLLAPSIBLE BOTTLE with a leak-resistant push-pull lid. This comes in two sizes: in 355ml or 830ml – whichever works for you! What’s good about this collapsible bottle is that it does not require much of a space in your gym bag when you work out because it has a handy clip on carabiner. When its small size is its advantage, this is great for travel too!








  1. Bopp Sport Activity Bottle

Who says water containers cannot be futuristic? Well, BOPP SPORT ACTIVITY BOTTLE has proved otherwise.  Looking like something out of Tron this is one of the most futuristic Tritan water bottles we’ve seen. BPA-free, 550ml bottle has a radical hand grip with a soft touch silicon liner which ensures it is so easy and comfortable to carry. Your water stays clean and safe as it has a secure screw on lid with a leak proof closure.









  1. Bopp Fruit Infuser Bottle

As we welcome the new year, “Healthy Living” has always been part of everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list. We know how people invest their resources into healthy living these days for the promise of a longer and disease-free life. From exercise to food supplements, people always go chasing for what’s best for their health. But need not spend much to invest for good health! Give the gift of healthy living with this 650ml, BPA-free Tritan water bottle from XD Design. It has an internal infusion cartridge which is easily filled with sliced fruit to provide a natural and healthy water flavouring. The timeless design and functionality of this bottle are exceptional that doesn’t cost much.








  1. Hit Tumbler

We know people often change drinks depending on their mood and taste preference. While in the morning they prefer energy drinks to provide extra energy for their daily workout, in the afternoon, cold beverages are preferred to be served with scrumptious meals. In order to cater to the changing need for beverages, this HIT TUMBLER matches you! What’s great about this container is that it comes with a recyclable 470 ml double wall, screw top tumbler with a leak proof flip valve drinking straw.

And for extra hydration, the double wall technology keeps drinks cold for a long time as it significantly increases the time it takes ice cubes to melt. Manufactured from translucent Tritan which is BPA free and dishwasher safe, this tumbler could go a long way with you all throughout the day!



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