How does LASER ENGRAVING work ?

Laser engraving cuts a cavity through the material’s surface leaving a cavity that reveals an image or writing at eye level that is noticeable to the touch as well. This is done with high heat laser causing the material surface to vaporize. It is very precise and is often a good option for people who want to personalize or customize something.

Engraving depth can vary between 0.02″ in metals to 0.125″ in harder materials. You can engrave almost any type of material but are most commonly used for metal, plastics, wood, leather, glass and acrylic.

Laser Engraving Process Detail

Laser Engraving

Pros & Cons


The scanning speed is very fast,Beautiful machining plane,it is suitable plane sweep bamboo, crystal objects,you can also do dimensional.processing of the characters, words, images, etc.,and it is applied to the cutting of acrylic materials.Smooth edges can be omitted after polishing processing,

Do engraving  ,teapot carved, three-dimensional cylindrical scan in Crystal.

The Decorator’s Guide

Struggling to get your head around how promotional production creation works?

We know it’s complicated, so we’ve created an in-depth breakdown of all the decoration processes we use in our industry.

We’ve organised each chapter into bite size, simplified FAQ’s covering average turnaround times, insider tips on inks and techniques, and the recommended surfaces for each technique, so you can pass on your worthy knowledge to your customers.


Which material is best suited for this process?

Anodised aluminium

What products are not suited for this process? What will not work at all?

Heat-proof glass and silicon will not work for this due to the nature of the material and the process.

What is the life expectancy for the results of this process?

The finished product will last years.

What is the benefit of using this particular method of decoration?

It’s really fast, and not so complicated.

What is a disadvantage with using laser engraving?

The colour is dependent on the product.

How long does it take you to complete a project?

This varies job to job; on average 2 to 5 days.

On average, what is the set up and running time for each job?

Set-up time varies on the size of the job, usually between 5 and 30 minutes. Running time for each job can be anything between seconds and 30 minutes.

Do you charge for repeat set ups?

No, it’s not complicated.

Will I need to sample?

Yes, all materials are different, the result may not be as you expected.

What is the rejection rate?

Rubber products are not very popular. Success is very much dependent on the quality of the product.

What is the best file type?

All files need to be converted to vector format with all text set to the outline setting (this is really important). Simple formatting, no hidden objects in .eps, .cdr, .pdf or .ai.

Why does laser engraving sometimes have inconsistencies?

Many factors; the setting of the machine, how old the machine is and the quality or coating of the product.

Are special effects possible?

Yes, we can create halftone or two tone effects.

Is it possible to engrave in colour or black?

Yes, but only with specific products. When it comes to blackening, we can create a lasting effect through oxidising.

What is the most popular promotional product for this process?

Pens and bottles.


Only do the two-dimensional plane of the x, y direction scan,it can not be used for the processing of the high hardness,a low ignition point,a metal material. For example: ceramic, glass, wood, iron, copper,etc.

Extension products: the bull, the speed will increase the efficiency of several times.

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