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USB Hubs & Computer Cables

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  • Impulse Wireless Charging Hub


    5W phone charger with both wireless and conventional charging options that will charge most modern phones. Simply plug it into any USB port or a mains adapter and place the phone on it for convenient wireless charging. It also has two USB ports which can be used for conventional charging at the same time. It…

  • Tron USB Hub


    Circular USB hub with four ports and a USB 2.0 interface. The cable locks neatly into the housing when it is not in use. MOQ: 1 Measurements: W 72mm x L 75mm x 20mm. Gift box: L 85mm x W 85mm x 25mm. Branding: View Branding Template

  • Byte USB Hub


    Rectangular USB hub with four ports and a USB 2.0 interface. MOQ: 1 Measurements: L 76mm x W 40mm x 11mm (excludes cable). Branding: View Branding Template

  • Bamboo USB Hub


    Rectangular USB hub made from natural bamboo. The hub features two USB A and one USB Type-C output, and a USB A 2.0 input. Certain phone models will be incompatible with the Type-C output for power delivery and data transfer. Bamboo is a natural material that produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern, colour and…