About our Creative Team

AMPM’s creative team have several lifetimes worth of experience combined. With that, every aspect of the design process is covered; there aren’t many questions they can’t answer. Their artistic wisdom will work it’s magic with every order you make.

Most of our artistic services are offered at no extra charge, if it’s absolutely necessary to complete your order.

If you would some help from our creative team outwith your order requirements, we’ll happily help too.

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Logo Design

Looking for a logo? We’ve got designers.

If you don’t feel like you have any creative flair and are struggling to find a designer, we can help out. Our designers can capture the spirit of your brand and bring it to life.

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Logo Makeovers

Is your logo stuck in the 20th century?

We know the feeling. We can give it a little spring cleaning to launch it into the modern age, whilst maintaining the concept you’ve worked so hard on.

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We have a team of illustrators who can turn any idea, be it stick man or moodboard, into vibrant professional designs that will never get old.

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Our creative team has expert knowledge in packaging and promotional products that can boost your marketing efforts.

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Photo Modifications

We’ve got next level editing skills; whether we start with some of your images, or search through our digital studio; our final artworks turn heads. We use a combination of composition, your original intent and creativity to produce images that clearly visualise your brand.

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We photograph all of our products that you see on the website in our studio. We value the importance of knowing exactly what item you have ordered, so we’ve created high-resolution images make it easy for you to make your decision, without having to leave the office.

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