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Why Promo Products?

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Attempting to calculate how many start-ups have begun in the last year is near possible. You could go as far as to say that every week, there are new potential competitors crawling out of the woodwork.

With this in mind, the start-up world is not just fueled by ideas and tech; there needs to be a strategic plan for marketing goals. Without doing this, no one will know who you are, and you will fall flat on your face.

Developing a good campaign that is heartfelt and tangible will get your customers reaching out to you and asking for more. Campaigns need to focus on creativity, inspiration and originality that ignites every part of your marketing mix.

We’re not just talking social media, as this can wash over your target audience immediately, you’ve got to lock your target audience from the beginning. Your campaign filters through everything your customer comes to interact with in daily life; social media, blogs, vlogs, videos, infographics, content, email and competitions. Accessibility means visibility.

Throw the traditional methods out the window; other than one.

Promotional Products.

What Are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are branded products available to your consumers. In the days of traditional promotional products, this was restricted to pens and distasteful calendars that you might in your Grandmothers house.

Take a leap to the 21st century, and age-old printing methods have advanced to let us customise just about anything. We are talking cardholders with your web address engraved, over-the-shoulder bags with your logo embossed; a thermal flask with your branding image or slogan transferred, or even a power bank with some sleek debossing.

We could go on.

Traditional methods may be a thing of the past, but with technological advancements, promotional products are still attractive and consistently showing results in marketing campaigns worldwide. If this isn’t part of your campaign just yet, consider these brand boosting factors;

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Constant Recognition

Gaining loyalty and popularity like household names such as Nike or Coca-Cola means you need to understand the fine line between being consistently recognizable and keeping it fresh.

A good way to be on the tip of your customers’ tongue is to make a good quality promo product they can use.

Whether they pick up a pen or coffee cup; your brand is waving back at them as a constant reminder, like the person of your dreams that you can’t get out of your mind.

Sizable Return on Investment

We’re doing some myth-busting here: traditional marketing methods are not expensive.

With the exception of TV ads or radio; offline advertising can be cost-effective. By buying in bulk, merchandise will always be within your budget. This may not be free, but you’ll increase your number of loyal customers, and be first on their recommendations list.

Reach Larger Demographics

It’s easy to get stuck on visuals when the business is your baby and you want to market it the best way possible. Sticking to the bigger picture of what your customer sees is the easiest way to avoid this.

Promotional products reach more people in a day than social media graphics can ever achieve, completely organically.

Not all target audiences are not stuck to their phones. By using promotional products close the gap between the Gen-X and -Z and everyone in between.

Ways to Market Promotional Products

Trade Shows

People come to trade shows on the lookout for something new. They’re looking for demo’s, fun infographics and to know what you’re all about.

As thanks for their attention, the best way to get those conversions after your amazing presentation is giving out a promotional product.

Job Fairs

This may be hard to believe, but job fairs are business advertising hot spots.

Whether you are hiring or not, setting up a table at a job fair can attract more than just students looking for some inspiration; it will attract fellow businesses too.

Building up a collection of pens, stationery holders and organisers is a good way to get your prospective employees and collaborators to remember you.

Corporate Events

Starting out in the business world is difficult. However, networking can be a leverage for business opportunities that could be the starting point for your success.

Entrepreneurs are always looking out for new goods and services. By taking an alternative to business cards to your next event, you could be one step closer to closing the deal.

Get remembered by taking a promotional product instead. Offering a keychain, pen or even lip balm to be one step ahead of the game.


Social media is golden, but that doesn’t mean promotional products have to be on the sideline. By combining the two, you could be onto a winner.

Giveaways are the gateway to loyal customers. By offering gifts in exchange for website signups or friend referrals, you’re showing customers how much they mean to you. Everyone gets excited about freebies; use this to your advantage.

The competition will never ease up, however, with a little innovation and motivation, you can use creativity to get around it. A combination of your customers’ interaction and quality of your goods or services is what it takes to get ahead of the game.



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