Custom-Printed, Personalised Gift and Promotional Bags NZ

Be amaze with our promotional bags in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes. From backpacks and tote bags, to laptop bags, you will find that they are easy to personalise with your logo and company name. Promotional bags and satchels are a clever choice as a means of marketing to existing clients. Kids and teenagers appreciate strong bags and satchels for school or sports activities, while grown-ups can use them for shopping. A durable backpack is sure to be appreciated by people who love to travel and discover the outdoors, while people living in the city may appreciate a casual sling bags or backpacks. A leather corporate backpack would look smart in an urban places. People in different walks of life that wants to expose more their company through promotional products, AMPM got you covered.

Personalised Bags

Bags come in a range of styles. Each style appeals to a different group of people since all people have different tastes. We have put this into consideration and feature an array of bags like backpacks, shopping bags, satchels, cotton bags, duffels and eco-friendly bags.

Get the perfect bag for the perfect occasion. Remember, your choice of a bag can complement your outfit. Backpacks, for instance, are more popular among the youth as they have sufficient space for school supplies.

Types of Bags

  •    Paper bag

Paper bags NZ are popular for shopping. They mainly feature plain coloured bags which can sometimes be tedious. Purchasing custom paper bags can make your next shopping trip fun. There are a range of designs suitable for these bags. As promotional items, many corporates feature custom printed shopping bags.

  •    Backpacks

Backpacks are easy to brand and make great promotional merchandise. Custom sports backpacks are popular among athletes and young people. Corporate backpack brands logo to market the company. They also make great giveaways at company events. Not to forget custom school backpacks for kids can feature their favourite cartoon or even their name.

  •    Lunch bags

Personalised lunch bags are not only cute but also practical. Lunch bags come in various styles and can include cartoon characters, champion specific movements or be promotional giveaways for a company.

  •    Swim bags

Get yourself a personalised swim bag that is in the style, colour and design that you like. This is bound to lift your spirits and make swimming enjoyable.

  •    Dance bags

Dance is a very expressive form of art therefore, a dance bag should be equally passionate. Get a fancy personalised dance bag NZ that features the style of dance you prefer. Whether it is ballet, street dance, robotic dances, you can have your bag branded in a variety of styles.

  •    Wine bags

Fancy and stylish wine carriers are available in a range of designs. Custom wine bags feature a range of prints. They also feature corporate logos for companies that gift wine to their clients for promotional purposes.

  •    Picnic bags

Picnics are a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. What better way to kick off a picnic than with a quality picnic bag that is personalised to you?

Other Types of Bags

We also feature totes, duffel bags, compendiums, laptop bags and cooler bags that you can have customized to your preference.

Why Shop With Us

When you choose to do business with us, we ensure that all your needs are met satisfactorily. You not only get your vision realised but also get to have quality products at affordable prices and even at wholesale prices.

Do not be left out, claim your promotional and personalised bags now by ordering from us. You can send us your design and consult with us about it. We can also provide models for you to choose.