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AMPM offers a wide range of corporate and promotional apparel that is perfect for various purposes. You can use it for staff clothing, trade shows, events, and as a giveaway. Some of our bestsellers are polo shirts, workwear, jackets, vests, fleeces and aprons. At an affordable price, you can easily promote your brand through well designed customised apparel.

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Clothes are an essential part of existence which is why we bring you a limitless supply. Find the best quality apparel for your staff that promotes you and your brand. We also feature clothes that promote team spirit and those that help individuals stand out. Browse through our range that includes other items such as aprons, activewear, custom and corporate clothing. When it comes to apparel, some seasons and trends dictate what is in fashion at a time. Keeping up with these trends can be tasking. It can also be fun because people’s tastes are very different. When it comes to choosing clothes, this is where you will see individuality come across the most. A good outfit can boost your confidence. Do you know why corporate clothing is so distinct? It is because the workplace commands that kind of environment. Different events and activities demand different outfits. For example, you cannot go for sports in dress shoes. In recent years, a trend that seems to keep growing has emerged, custom clothing. Everyone is now expressing themselves and their stand on issues with what they wear. In turn, items like custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, custom aprons with logo and even custom team polo shirts have become very popular. With everyone, regardless of age, moving towards custom branded clothing, apparel branding is continually gaining popularity. So much so that corporate branded apparel has made it on to the scene. Branded apparel is not only a way of identification for corporates but also a marketing tool.

Popular custom clothing NZ

The most popular is perhaps the custom t-shirts NZ that come in a range of styles and colors. They also feature an array of messages depending on what you desire as an identity. When the weather begins to frown, you can still stand out with custom hoodies NZ, another favourite clothing item. Personalising clothes gives you individuality and a unique sense of style. It can also build your confidence to tackle things you might be shy to voice. For example, if you are advocating for wildlife conservation, custom-made t-shirts NZ give you a voice without necessarily having to speak. To provide the best quality apparel, we employ custom t-shirt printing on high-quality material. Careful design and branding are put into producing great clothes. We do not limit ourselves; you can find anything you need and more with us. Get your preferred design tailored to your personality.

Corporate clothing NZ

When it comes to corporate clothing, it can get tricky. However, nothing is impossible. There is a range of corporate branded apparel. First of all, corporate prints are mainly aimed at unifying at marketing the business. In other words, they can be promotional items or team uniforms within the company. Women’s corporate clothing is among the most prevalent because many women follow trends. Women also have the most significant ability to influence each other to buy something. Therefore, if you are looking to market your business, get us to design women's custom t-shirts for instance. With that, everyone who sees it asks about it. In addition to this, women have a way of talking up their styles to their friends and family which is a great marketing opportunity. Our corporate clothing Auckland is also very distinguished.

Our Range of Apparel

Just stating that we have everything is not sufficient proof that we know our way around clothing. Therefore, to be specific, we have the following:
    • From these categories, you can then dive into a world of different styles, prints, colors, and sizes. Each of the above mentioned is available as an everyday or pre-customized item. If you have a personal design or text you want, you can request personalization of your apparel.

      Why Shop From Us

      Besides having a deep-rooted understanding of trends and styles, we also specialize in placing strategic messages on clothing to communicate. What we offer you is not just any apparel, it is also a communication device in extension. You can champion all issues that you are passionate about through our array of apparel. Secondly, we consider cost as one of the deterring factors for many people. Expensive items can be unattainable by many, however, want to grant access to our products to everyone. Therefore, our prices are affordable and within a reasonable range to enable you to boost your confidence, market your brand or voice your social concerns. Be awesome and let us help you spread your message and grow your brand. The quality of apparel we provide is unparalleled. The customer comes first, and your needs are our command.

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