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Improve your business with the right type of promotional materials. When it comes to marketing giveaways, AMPM has you covered we offer amazing choices for you that will fit your business and style. Items like notepads, post-it notes, bags, card holders, flash drives, pens, writing sets, travel accessories, and personalised kits. Boost your business with customised items that bring value to your company. Read More

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Promotional Product Auckland NZ

Days of dull offices are obsolete as the world embraces colourful and vibrant office spaces. According to studies, a dynamic office increases productivity. To add more allure to office spaces, you can use our range of office supplies tailored to your needs. These range from pencils, lanyards, badge holders, notepads, and notebooks. These items are necessary in an office setting. Having custom notebooks, pens and pencils can promote uniformity in the office. They can also improve your brand to the world when used as promotional giveaways.

Examples and Importance of Office Supplies

  1. Lanyards
Lanyards are great for holding ID badge and keys. Lanyards NZ feature various designs and colours. You can select a uniform colour and design for different departments in the company. We provide cheap lanyards in bulk that are especially useful during promotional events. Custom lanyards for keys are great for children for their school lockers. These key lanyards are also useful to adults who are prone to losing their keys. You can even get cheap plain lanyards from us if you do not need anything fancy. Cheap lanyards small quantity can be perfect for your family or a small event. We also feature custom woven lanyards.
2. Pens and pencils
Besides customizing pens and pencils with the company logo, you can also include pencil cases. A clear pencil case NZ is a great way to highlight the pencil designs selected. During promotional events, corporates often feature cases. The best pencil case for college is a fantastic promotional idea to attract young people and parents of college students.
3. Notebooks
Just like pens are essential, notebooks are equally imperative. You need somewhere to note down ideas in school, at home, and at the office. Custom notebooks are popular as they add a personal touch to the notebook. Cute notebooks are very appealing to young people primarily because they love journaling.
4. Highlighters
Highlighters are also crucial as they help you find essential lines and quotes in books faster. The best highlighter is one that is customized to you. One that features your favourite quote or your picture and name.
5. Badge holder
Part of the office charm is the office badges that hold employee IDs. These are important to help easily identify employees and their positions. They are also necessary for security purposes. We provide clear ID badge holders.
6. Notepads
A custom notepad with logo makes an incredible promotional item as well as an office supply. Notepads are important, especially during meetings. Custom printed notepads are your solution for the next giveaway event. Bulk notepads are available at wholesale prices.
7. Portfolios
Neatly organise your documents with our amazing portfolios that feature various designs and colours. You can also have them personalised to you.
8. Sticky notes
What better way to remind yourself of tasks than with sticky notes. Buy a variety of coloured sticky notes from us to help you memorise things better.
9. Rulers
Accuracy is necessary for a lot of things. Having a ruler with you is essential in school and at the office. Customised rulers are available with fancy cases.

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  Do not settle for less, let us help you achieve your peak productivity with our fun and useful supplies. They are all affordable and feature great designs. We welcome feedback and suggestions to serve you better.

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