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Pens are some of the most common corporate gifts. Nonetheless, it remains to be the most effective because it is one of the most commonly used daily items. To add value to your gift, we have a wide selection of pens, as well as, other writing materials like pencils, erasers, and cases. Pens can be given out to anyone whether you are planning to welcome corporate clients or private customers. Read More

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Promotional Product Auckland NZ

One of the best ways to reinforce your brand’s recognition is promotional pens. First of all, pens are a form of advertisement. Not only do they sell your brand but they are an affordable advertisement tool. A custom engraved pen is a great way for new and established businesses to get consumers to remember them. Technology sure is innovative and efficient, but it is also expensive to compete with. The ease with which a low-cost printed pen markets you remains enchanting. Consumers will often forget easily, however, with a constant reminder, you stay in their mind. For instance, any time a customer needs to call or email, they do not need google, just the delightful ballpoint pen sitting on their desk. Among the many appeals of pens as a promotional product is its convenience. It is easy to carry around and also requires no extra subsistence charges or electricity for charging. In other words, it is a forever advertisement that costs you very little. Pens will never go out of style. Out of all other promotional items that companies use, pens surpass them all concerning sales. Did you know that carrying a pen makes you look smarter? Besides, having a unique custom branded pen is always an opportunity to show off a level of sophistication. Phones, tablets and even smartwatches will never replace a good pen. Embrace the power of advertising. Advertising creates a big gap between successful, thriving and struggling businesses. To secure a permanent spot for your company, invest in a successful means of advertising. Promotional items, for example, are great advertisement tools.

Importance of custom branded pens

First of all, a pen is very cost effective. Even the most sophisticated pen is affordable. Therefore, investing in pens will place you on the map. Not only will you spend less but you will also stand to gain a lot of recognition. When a business is strapped for capital, it does not mean it is the end; there are cheaper ways to market. Marketing is all about being creative with what you have especially when you have the option of wholesale custom pens. The second most notable importance of personalised pens is their ability to travel the world without your help. In other words, a branded pen is a walking advertisement. From the minute it leaves your company, the pen goes through many people and in the process markets you for free. Consider that a branded pen includes your company name and contact information.

How custom pens market a brand

You may be wondering how a pen will put you on the map. To start with, pens are easy to move around. When you borrow a pen, it seems like such a trivial thing even when not returned. In turn, that pen exchanges hands and another individual gets to learn about your brand. Additionally, pens are very usable. For instance, t-shirts and caps as promotional items are appealing and captivating but how usable are they? Your customers cannot wear the same t-shirt every day, they can, however, use the same pen for months. This gives the brand more opportunities to be discovered by more people. A printed pen will keep on reminding people that you exist which is excellent for business. Custom pens are also useful. Placing an advert on television seems like a great way to reel in customers. However, it may not be effective. Unless a customer is watching TV, they do not get to see the advertisement. A pen, on the other hand, is useful in everyday life for writing. It will aid your consumers and potential clients in noting down essential notes.

Types of personalised pens

With the vast range of pens that we offer, you stand a great chance at nailing promotional items for your company. Whether you are looking to enchant your clients or put your name out there, we will help you achieve that. Say it with unique, cost-effective and self-peddling custom wood pens and pens with a printed logo. We provide a vast range of products and unmatched customer service. From these quality pens, you can pick the one that best suits your brand. To start with, we have refillable pens that are not only exquisite but also impressionable. Next, come our plastic pens. These provide a bridge between cost and efficiency. They are cheap custom pens that ooze of elegance. Our metallic pens provide the luxurious seasoning that many corporates long to achieve. They are a great way to reward and impress your clientele as well as promote your brand. All our custom pens set you apart from all other brands. Premium high quality custom printed pens are the way to step out of the shadows. Our premium options include promotional pens with printed logo. For better identification of your company, the pens can include the company logo as well as contact information. The best seller is the eco pen that is taking the world by storm. With the global shift towards more eco-friendly materials, eco pens are a new phenomenon. What better way to show your commitment to client needs than taking care of the environment? Besides the examples mentioned above, you can also make personal requests on what you would like. We also include engraved pens. A customised pen with a fantastic package is a great way to appreciate your customers. It is also a great gift which is not only thoughtful but also sophisticated. Pens with names printed on them have a deeper personal touch.

Why choose us?

To sell you further on why our pens are the best, we have a dedicated team of experts whose creativity in branding pens and pencils is unmatched. We also incorporate unique techniques to ensure that the quality of printed pens we provide is perfect. We are also willing to accommodate any special requests including wholesale promotional pens orders. Ensuring your brand gets exposure is our priority. You can choose from the range of pens. We also include branding on pencils upon request. Additionally, our promotional branded merchandise is very affordable. Your company can experience immense growth and recognition from custom branded pens.

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