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4 Boxes to Tick with Promo Marketing

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Promotional products put your brand out there, allowing you to interact with your customers on an everyday basis.

They add unique factor to your marketing mix as they achieve what TV and photography do not. They get your brand into your customer’s thoughts.

To define promotional products broadly, including all factors; they are an object which is useful and related to your company ideals, containing your logo, marketing message or contact information.

These two keywords, ‘useful’ and ‘brand’, are becoming increasingly subjective as marketing tactics develop but their definitions remain the same.

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For example, Coca-Cola focuses their promotional gifts on drink-related or bottle-shaped products; bottle openers, travel mugs, water bottles and drinks trays, to name but a few.

The famous drink and it’s purpose are directly related to the promotional products released. They capture the idea that Coca-Cola is for all occasions; day and night.

There are 4 boxes you have to tick when thinking about your promotional product needs:

Correct Target Audience

It’s unrealistic to try to make something for everyone unless you have a lot of money to invest in your PR campaign. To make things easier, you should focus on the customer personas that are specific to your industry.

The Perfect Time

Timing is everything. All of your hard work can go to waste if you don’t think about when to strike. It has to be the perfect moment. It’s important to ask yourself; ‘when would my customer need my product?’

Your Promotional Product Message

Get yourself out there! Each promotional product needs to come with a call-to-action. This one is overlooked time and time again, your promotional product needs to come with instructions that tell your customer what to do next.

Find the Right Audience

You’ll know you’ve targeted the wrong audience when there is no reaction to your efforts. This can have a very negative effect on your promotional products and your brand overall. Think of it as sending plastic bottles of juice to an environmentalist group. We’re firm believers all PR is good PR; except this.

Reach out to our consultants to find out what product would be best suited to your marketing campaign. Experience and craftsmanship are key to producing a beautiful promotional product that will convert your leads to dedicated customers.



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