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Bags: The Carrier of Your Brand

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There are several available bags on the market today. With all these choices getting the most reliable and best quality for cost has always been the great deal makers. In the business industry, bags are also given modern tweaks to appeal to today’s target market. Here are some promotional trends that you can implement to add appeal to your bags as an advertising tool:


  1. Reinvent the Look

Messenger bags are staple in the business world because they can carry all business essentials such as laptop, tablets and documents. They also have pockets provided for extra storage for other business essentials such as credit cards and business cards. As they are staple in the modern business world, reinventing their look to cater to today’s market is implemented by businesses. One way to reinvent its look is by using bright colours. Soho Messenger Bag is a good example of a reinvented look of messenger bags. Soho Messenger Bag is manufactured from 600D polyester with an adjustable shoulder strap. Complete with velcro closure, external zip pocket and a mesh water bottle carrier.








  1. Keep it Classy

Due to its functionality and durability, classic bags never go out of style. For people who work hard, this Document Bag works as hard as they do. It’s unchanged classic look that is elegant is suitable for formal meetings, conferences and exhibitions. The ageless simplicity of this document bag makes it appropriate for a varied workforce.









  1. Add More Progressive Features

Now is the time to think of bringing bags into a more progressive form by adding multiple organiser pockets with this Satellite Messenger Bag can fit a 15” laptop. Other progressive features that we can brag about with this bag is its quick release front flap buckle; front panel contains zippered accessory pocket and headphone exit port; an adjustable webbing shoulder strap’ and a quick stash cell/accessory end pocket. Its handle is rubber that is tested for its durability.








  1. Go Slim and Minimalist

In the modern world where technology is advancing, paperless features are being used increasingly by many brands. Even slim and minimalist designs are also being considered as an important feature in choosing the right product. Gone are the days when bags have to be bulky, so the “less is more” mentality rules on. As slim as it may look, but this Euro Brief Bag is a leatherette-textured that is fully-padded and can fit a 17” laptop. Aside from its huge laptop storage, it also has a metal compression buckle with key. More than the mentioned useful features, it also comes with a zippered front flap accessory pocket and a zippered accessory pocket on back. Durability-wise, it comes with a detachable/adjustable padded shoulder strap with metal buckles that is great for use by busy business people.



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