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Jurassic World’s Budget: What Lies Ahead for Media?

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The highly anticipated release of Jurassic World’s sequel film, Fallen Kingdom, has eventually graced our screens last month. The lead up to the release had the advertising world in shock with an outstanding $185M for their global campaign to promote the movie. Compared to Star Wars and Infinity War, it has blown blockbuster film budgets out the water.

Among the campaigns, there were interactive displays in major shopping malls across Asia. As well as Universal’s partnership with 9 TV channels in the US that are costing $1.5million per advertisement.

A Blast from the Past

The major player in Universal’s partnership is JEEP, which has been long-standing relationship since the film’s first release in 1993. The truck plays a significant part in the film as the safe house for the main character. A distinctive memory for many Millennials who remember the 1993 original. JEEP’s advertisement reminded us all of this time as Jeff Goldblum runs from yet another T-Rex. However, there are some tech updates; things have changed quite a bit in the 25 years that have passed since his first encounter. The advertisement was aired at the latest Super Bowl in the US, which gained more online views within the first day than Marvel’s latest release.

The next big name in the advertising reunion for Jurassic World’s campaign is Mercedes Benz, who made an appearance in the 1997 sequel ‘Lost World’. A replica of the Mercedes SUV made a dramatic reappearance with the cast at the Hollywood premier. The luxury car is also featured in an advertisement where it is perched on a rock, ready to be consumed by the lingering T-Rex.

Now we’ve got the expected, yet still exciting reminders of what Jurassic Park is all about, here are the new and unexpected additions that bump up the numbers of their budget.

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Confectionary Classics

Doritos paired up with Universal, featuring the Fallen Kingdom image on Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese packets in the States, including the Blue Raptor dinosaur. For those of us who are not at that side of the world, Dorito fans will receive a limited edition blue chip in the packet, reminiscent of the same Blue Raptor character. We hope they still taste the same.

The States will also witness the re-branding of Dr Pepper, as the Fallen Kingdom takes over the canned version of the drink with 4 dinosaur designs; specially designed by the film director, J.A. Bayona.

For the final big name is the advertising extravaganza, Universal has teamed up with Mars Co. with a series of advertisements of candy-dino themed snippets that are featured across well-loved products such as M&M and Skittles. With the comical M&M animated duo humorously advertising themselves as being top of the food chain above humans and dinosaurs. We hope not.

The Jurassic Revival

With the fall of home entertainment players Blu-ray, DVD and even video (remember those days?) having a detrimental effect on how we consume Universal’s creations. It comes as no surprise that we are seeing a significant boost in promotional budgets across the media.

The original Jurassic Park film broke the record when it comes to merchandising sales after it’s the first release in 1993. With the stats looking at around $1 billion compared to the average estimation of around $100 million for a blockbuster film. This crazy budget meets the expectations of consumer hype that has surrounded the film’s release.

In addition to this, the revitalisation of Jurassic World in 2015 made the film into an epidemic of a blockbuster, a species in itself so to say; stopping people in their tracks to generate hype is a worthy investment.

By teaming up with the biggest names in production and using this as leverage for a film sensation; you’d have to be hiding in a cupboard for weeks to not know about this film release.



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