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Should You Give Your Clients Promotional Gifts?

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Contemplating costs this Christmas? Allowing your client to become aware of this could be a much great cost further down the line.

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to play promotional products to your advantage: offering a great chance to get that little bit closer to your clients while they are in the festive spirit.

Here’s why;

Brand Awareness

This is the sole purpose of promotional products; getting your brand out there with attractive, useful products, featuring your logo in a sleek and stylish print.

It doesn’t stop there.

Brand awareness is the conversation starter to create future associations with your company, helping your clients to remember you when the time to comes to invest. The right gift will leave a positive lasting impression to do just this – be it a gift voucher or tree decoration, a little impact goes a long way.

Save Money

It’s a common misconception that promotional products are an expensive addition to your marketing mix.

Promotional products advertise your business for much less than the majority of marketing methods out there. For example, your average promotional product costs around $0.004 per impression, but if you are looking for a spot on TV or an ad in a newspaper, it’s going to cost you around $0.019 per impression.

Promotional products save you time and money!

Image and Perception

Similar to brand awareness, promotional products create a sense of trust and overall positivity around your company and values.

This is not something that necessarily needs statistics to prove – can you remember the last time someone surprised you will a gift?


An act of goodwill, be it professional or not, improves the attitude those have towards you and your prospects for the future.

Maintain Customer Loyalty

Promotional products are not just for Christmas, studies have shown that offering clients or customers a gift, such as a voucher or branded re-usable tote bag, will result in them purchasing from you more often.

A token of your gratitude for a clients time spent with you is not taken for granted.

Generate Referrals

Customers and clients can create new leads through recommendation. Through offering promotional products that are both attractive and useful, you can get the conversation started. This encourages lead generation the old fashioned way – through word of mouth.

Sometimes, the age-old method of including a gift with a referral request doesn’t appear fruitful, with no incentive to help you, your request can be forgotten easily.

In fact, we’d lie to you if we said sometimes, its all the time. Incentive referrals are 500% more effective than the former method. A gift is always more successful as a reward, rather than a bribe.

Solve this by offering your fantastic, irresistible gift to your clients for their efforts afterwards.

B-to the-B

Whether in or out of the office, we’re all still human. Companies are (mostly) run by humans too, and their just as likely to take notice of your promotional products, especially if they are office essentials.

This is bountiful for your company, as you’re not just getting noticed by those at the top, but all of their employees too.

Keep in mind that your image is everything here, focusing on quality, well-designed and well-printed gifts will ensure you are coming to mind for all the right reasons.


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Promotional products are a cost-effective, reliable means of benefiting your company and its future in the business world.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what you’re doing, adding a promotional product range to your marketing mix adds value and meaning to your efforts to reach out to your clients.




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